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Ladies, please stay in your seats!

How beautiful is this? These three pix are all from the same evening in San Juan del Sur

This is corn meal masa for tamales. The lady only made them one day a week and sadly, I wasn't around the next day to try. The masa tasted great, though. Actually, it is a good thing I didn't eat them as I might have married her and stayed.      
Deeeelicious--and only a dollar

Not exactly low calorie food. The food gets healthier the farther south you go, and the people are more height-weight proportionate the farther south you go.      

Election time. The anti-abortionists can afford banners.

Daniel Ortega won this election. He campaigned on a peace and reconciliation platform. A satirical cartoon in a newspaper had Ortega portrayed as a peace and love hippie while a bystander asks, "Peace and reconciliation? Are we at war?" Ortega answers, "Just wait..."      
On top of Uncle Sam

Hi! I'm Kent, just in town from the United States!

The hostels are very nice in Nicaragua, generally. This is a common scene.

The same hostel here in Leon offered free dancing lessons. These Aussies were game.

marching band boy

Laguna de Apoyo, near Granada. Amazingly beautiful place.       same same

Storm coming across the volcanic lake
I remarked to this girl with the miner's light on her head that the bed situation looked like Auschwitz. Later I asked where she was from. Israel.

more San Juan del Sur

still more San Juan del Sur

even more San Juan del Sur

These two travelers met in Mexico not long ago and now she is pregnant, they are getting married and they adopted this dog. See? All kinds of things happen when you are away from home.

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