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El Salvador

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      As I mentioned earlier, Central Americans like to tell you that their neighbors are bad news and I should be extra careful when traveling, but everyone could agree that El Salvador was the worst. I was taking my life in my own hands, it seemed. Even among other travelers, they would ask why I was going there, that there's nothing to do, and ruthless gangs run the crime-ridden country.
      I hitchhiked from the Honduras border with an older couple and when I got to the intersection for Suchitoto, they dropped me off. I hopped out of the back of the truck and normally the driver would go on his way, but both the man and his wife got out of the truck to stand close to me and insisted gravely that I absolutely do not hitchhike the last 20km down a small side road to Suchitoto. They were adamant about this to the point that I was spooked.
     I thought about this as I looked down the road. It had high hedges on both sides with large gloomy trees that formed a darkened tunnel. A young woman lugging a big bag came to stand with me. A pickup came and she waved it down and motioned for me to hop on with her, helping her carry her crazy-heavy bag. I thought it was going all the way to Suchitoto, but it only went a few kms. I was abandoned in an eerily quiet stretch of road, far from anything. Almost no traffic and none going my way, the other cars looking at me curiously. After a long, anxious time, a bus finally came and I gladly hopped on.
     The next day I took a bus back to the main road. It took forever to go 20km as the bus stops at every tree and the music blasts and my legs are too long for these old U.S. schoolbuses. I decided to hitchhike the rest of my time in El Salvador. It turned out to be the easiest country in Central America to do so.
It's hard to say "Zacatecoluca" when a car pulls up and you have to remember Spanish.

Sad Suchitoto by rainy night


This is an eco lodge up above Apaneca. It was dark and dank and damp.
At least the views were beautiful and it was a nice hike up.

...but then the next morning I go to see the lovely Laguna Verde and--Hey! What's with the garbage?!

It was a jolt to arrive in San Salvador and see this. Same goes for San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

Now this was very cool. In downtown San Salvador there is this electronics shop that had an old car parked right in the middle that acted as furniture. The cash register is on the dash (see photo below).      
One of the strangest churches I have ever seen

Loocking Good!
Corn in the back of a pickup that picked me up.

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