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      I met Jose, the groom, and Fabio, a Brazilian on the other end, in Moscow about 10 years ago. Fabio has to be Brazil's only farmer with a Ph.D. from a British university.
      Jose and Graciela are Mexicans, but Jose came to the wedding from Switzerland and Graciela from Australia, I believe. Fabio is like Zelig, seemingly everywhere. He said he came from Brazil--the long way, via Mongolia.
     My shoes were two sizes too big; I bought them second hand just for the wedding and abandoned them there, knowing I would hardly need shoes for this trip.

     On Cozumel, an island, rules and regulations aren't enforced, you could say. I saw a guy drive around downtown sloshing a beer in one hand and trying to steer around a corner with the other.      
I LOVE signs like this

Fidel is OK...
...Bush less so.

Ah, the beginning of a trip, when white t-shirts are white.

The ruins of Tulum

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