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Around the World 2006-2007

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This is from our host's birthday party and these are pupusas, a traditional Central American delicacy. They are alright, but they are filled only with cheese or chicharron (the bowl with the brown stuff), which is pork fat. Where's the chicken or pork when you need it?      
Cute as a button

This is an overland group traveling in a monster truck. In Africa I saw these groups and sometimes I think it could be fun to go like this, but then I come to my senses and realize it would be hell. An Aussie woman sidled up to me and out of earshot said that it was boring and you have to put up with everyone's idiosyncracies.      
Eat here or we both starve!


      Leaf cutting ants. Look at how they terrorize the leaves at the top of this tree. I tell anyone who will listen: ants are taking over the world.

This girl's friend said she can sleep anywhere, anytime, and we watched as she subsequently plopped down in the middle of this travel agency's floor and dozed while waiting for her boat.
Utila island

all of these are Utila island

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