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      The national sport of every country in Central America is denigrating their neighbor about how lawless and dangerous it is. Without fail the line is something like, "Well, here crime isn't so bad, but in (the next country) they'll kill you!" I had thoughts of exploring some places in the area, but got spooked when I heard I would be fending for my life. I soon learned to ignore everything I heard. The worst place in Central America doesn't hold a candle to a dozen cities in my country for danger.
      We stayed in Guatemala only a few hours as we hitchhiked straight through to Honduras. We sunburnt ourselves good trying to hitch away from the port and then almost immediately got caught in a fierce rainstorm. The photos of this girl below I explain in the news section, October 12, 2006.

This is the last stretch to the Honduran border. Very little traffic, but then an American guy drove us exactly to the street in San Pedro Sula we wanted to go.

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