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      Normally when I visit a new city in a new country, I walk and walk the streets and see what is going on, but here I didn't explore much because I stayed way out of town and was distracted.      
Friendly local on Caye Caulker about to take a machete to my leg

Yah mon. Belize is the Caribbean on Central American land, a total anomaly.

Great name

Caye Caulker is so laid back it is impossible to imagine anyone ever using a basketball court


I had to blur this photo of my friend. I should call her Miss Blur (which is really funny in Singaporean slang!) I kind of shot myself in the foot because I am not allowed to say her name or post photos of her due to reasons. I met Miss Blur while we visited the same host and we traveled off and on together for quite a while, far longer than I have ever traveled with someone. I can write pages about this experience, but I will spare you that.

      I thought we weren't ever going to travel together because this was a very lonely road and as a single woman she would have had no trouble at all hitchhiking. With me...another story. We eventually made it to Punta Gorda (Puta Gorda would have been a better name) and took a boat to Guatemala the next day.

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