If you are like me, you must be pretty heavily sedated or under the influence of something to want to click on a photo section called "Around the World 2006", but I'm telling you, my photos aren't boring! I could be totally delusional about this, but you will see very few tourism-style photos of churches or statues or stuff you see on countless other travel websites. (The exceptions might be sunsets, beaches and food, which I am a sucker for, and I have an acute weakness for unintentionally funny signs.) For example, everyone and their mother has been to Thailand, right? But check this page out: not boring! So have a "look-see", as they say in Singapore!
     Unfortunately, these links open up into a new window to my old website. The master plan is to lay on a beach somewhere and move my old site, over 100 webpages of my travels, to this page. Who knew how hard it is to just have two photos side by side?
     Most of these photo sections are from when I got a digital camera. If I get a blizzard of emails begging for me to make, say, an "Around the World 1998" section, well, The Dromomaniac makes dreams come true! Or it's really time you overcome your sedation.
     (And the first two sections, this is when I started my blog.)

On the Road

Halfway Around the World 2011
Middle East/Africa/India/Europe

Around the World 2010

Europe 2009

Istanbul, Serbia, Hungary, Paris, etc.

Asia 2009

Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia

Around the World 2008-2009

Asia/Egypt/Europe/South America

All Over the Place 2007

Japan, South Africa and Europe

Around the World 2006-2007

Central America and Asia

Around the World 2006


Halfway Around the World 2005

Eastern Europe and the Caucasus

Life During Wartime--The Balkans, 1994

Serbia, Macedonia, Albania

The Middle East!

My two worst travel disasters ever

Burma: Pages from the Journal

Aung San Suu Kyi in person

Big BIG Baseball Journey
The first trip