Asia 2009
Japan, Malaysia and Indonesia

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      This was a three month trip, about half Japan, half Indonesia, and a week in Malaysia inbetween. Actually, I slept in Singapore airport twice (Terminal 3, Level 2--not highly recommended) due to my awful flight arrival/departure times.
      It didn't cost so much flight-wise to do this. Los Angeles-Tokyo was $515 round trip in the middle of summer(!) and then only 15,000 frequent flier miles round trip from Tokyo to Singapore. Air Asia, the best airline in the world (not speaking of the aesthetics of the filthy plane, but the fact that they were the pioneers of discount airlines. For the love of Allah, stop hinting at it and start the service to California already!) was crazy-cheap to Bali.
      For two of these three months I traveled without any kind of watch/alarm clock. It may sound like the thing to do in keeping with the hippy ethos of traveling, but when you have to catch early morning transportation or make appointments, it comes in handy.