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My First Days in Southern India
Volumes have been written trying to describe India, but I can hardly remember anything I see, as one memory is trampled by the next. Just walking around a city block is enough for your senses to last a week.
Desperate for Peace in Sri Lanka
Stainless steel cups of tap water were poured for us, and without hesitation she drank. I was stunned. "You drink the water?!" She thought it was a question of taste. "Do you think it's bad? I've had it before. It's OK."
Halfway Up the Banana Pancake Trail
On the door of the air-conditioned dormitory was a sign: "Dear Traveller, If you are complaining about bedbugs, with all due respect, YOU probably brought them from your previous stop."
Singapore on a Full Stomach
Many foods sound like they have no business being delicious but often are. Among these are otah-otah, ais kacang, and durian (a spiky fruit, razor-sharp to the touch, with a pungent smell so potent it is forbidden in Singapore's subway system.)
Japan By Thumb
A young couple in a van picked me up. They had traveled around America and loved it. They enthusiastically told of scams, rip-offs, bad service, and disagreeable people encountered on their trip, and the woman added with satisfaction, "I feel so free in America".
A Tale of Two Silicon Valleys
The fortunes of California's and India's Silicon Valleys are increasingly tied together. How did Bangalore assume its role in both places and where does it stand now?