Around Beira

On the Road

Dead ships


Missing people

     The experience of spending 5 or 6 days in Mozambique provides bucketfuls of memories for years to come. I visited in 1994 and it left an indelible impression on me, much more than these photos can bring to life.
     In 1994 very few travelers were going to Mozambique. I doubt many are going now. One problem is that there is just about no public transport, so one is forced to hitchhike to get around. I hitchhiked all over southern Africa with no real drama. I prefer hitchhiking anyway, as I always meet interesting people. Another reason for the lack of tourists was a recent cholera outbreak, but that didn't bother me either, though I don't remember why.
     I spent most of my time in and around Beira, Mozambique's second city. Click above to see some random pictures and read a story or two.

I wish I had my journal books near me so I can add more to the descriptions, but this will have to do for now

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