Just who is Kent Foster?

This is excerpted from a book a story of mine is in; I was working at the time.
    Kent Foster has had chest pains in Zimbabwe and Uruguay, giardia in Nepal, heat exhaustion in India, food poisoning in Bolivia, Indonesia, Burma, Syria, Mexico, and Spain and has suffered through 3 operations in Hungary, one in Denmark, and one in Vietnam.
    Kent works in the San Francisco Bay Area to compensate for lost money from a pickpocket in Turkey, speeding tickets in Australia, Canada, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, and Hungary, and for really minor infractions in Ukraine, Norway, Poland, the Netherlands and Israel.
    He is single.

Hungary 1995
Classic bed head

Sunburnt in Yosemite 2004
Look at those lower legs

California 1985

Netherlands 2009

Turkey 2009

Peru 2009

Bolivia 2009

Azerbaijan 2005

With 2 students from camp, California 2006

The process of making my face visa-photo ready, 2006

Sri Lanka 2000

Catalina Island, California 1991

Russia 1996

Zimbabwe 1993

Der Hannes und Ich, Austria 2000

Frode og jeg, Laos 2002

With a fun-loving Korean soldier on the DMZ, 1998

Thailand 1989 (I think the guitar had strings)
This is a modest achievement of mine:
I am in this book of travel stories
about a "minor operation" in Vietnam.
I have had other such mishaps abroad.
Have a look-see!

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I beg you! I'm sorry I was ever curious!