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      Yes, this is what it looks like: stuffed underwear to make your butt look fluffier. Chile! Does this one photo encapsulate all that is glorious about Chile? Well, no, but I am leading off with it anyway. This is in Calama.
      I only went to two places in Chile this time: Calama and San Pedro de Atacama. I was en route to Bolivia. I had been to central Chile on another trip, but I had never been up here in the north, the driest place on earth.

      If you look at this Coke bottle you will see that it's called a "bebida de fantasia", or fantasy drink. I don't know what that means. Chuquicamata has the world's largest open pit copper mine. I hitchhiked out there and got a free tour.

      See the striation on the left side of the mine? It is the vein of where you find the copper. I hitchhiked everywhere in Chile. It's the best country in South America for it.


      These next eight photos are from a day trip I did near San Pedro. The landscapes were amazing, as you can see.

      The border leaving Chile for Bolivia.

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Brazil Paraguay Argentina Chile Bolivia Peru Ecuador Colombia

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