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United Arab Emirates
      Finally, a new country for me. I had been to Sharjah and Dubai airports before, but I don't call those visits. There's a regional airline based in Sharjah (next to Dubai) called Air Arabia that is a godsend to getting around the region cheaply. I only was in the area for a week. I got sick and decided to skedaddle to Southeast Asia. I should have gone to Oman. When you're sick and on the road, you make wrong decisions sometimes.

Nice license plates in the Emirates

Yes, that Bin Ladin
3.6 AED = $1

I love this sign. Not only are we going to discriminate, we want only middle-aged Keralite (a state in India) executive muslim bachelors! It must be a seller's market. This is for literally bed space, not a room!

The above notices are for these people: Indians. Sunday in Sharjah is absolutely packed with Indians on their day off. It is like Statue Square in Hong Kong on a Sunday for all the Filipina maids--but many more are here and with less conviviality. U.A.E. is built by and practically run by Indians. Foreigners make up 80% of the population and Indians are 80% of the foreigners. In fact, you rarely see Emiratis (is that the right word?) on the streets.


A mess is something to do with an Indian meal

In front of a swish shopping center.
Sometimes I just like to show off my squatting technique.
Looking retarded on the beach

Cloaked women and it's a hot day.
I don't know how they do it.
Colorful camel

Air Arabia claims this character isn't stolen from South Park. Right.

Megadeth at the Dubai Country Club.
How surreal would that be?

A boat crossing the creek from one part of Dubai to another.
I think next time I return there will be a floating people mover/escalator.

The world's only 7-star hotel, it is said. It costs $20 just to go inside if you aren't staying there, plus there's a dress code. The left appendage is a restaurant and the right one is a heliport, but as a promotion Roger Federer and Andre Agassi once hit tennis balls up there.

Beach view. The water was a nice temperature, but I didn't swim.
I met a Slovenian girl here who is a ski instructor at the indoor ski run.

The four faces of illness in Dubai. I impulsively bought a ticket to Bangkok.

Abu Dhabi airport

View from the flight out of Abu Dhabi

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