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      There's a mistake; they forgot to put "fleecing" before farang (which means foreigner). This is on a taxi window--and I refuse to believe the driver can speak English. Considering how much tourism Thailand gets, the level of English is very low.
      Most people who have a bad time in Thailand seem to trace their problems to taxi and tuk-tuk drivers. I very rarely take either. I like the challenge of figuring out the transit system. I've been to Bangkok maybe 20 times, and I still regularly get lost, but that's another story.

I went straight from illness in Dubai to this luxury in eastern Bangkok

On the river boat

Porn is a Thai name

Deep fried insects

Are those cockroaches?

simple 60 cent dishes

ground chilies

The next six photos are from a demonstation against Thaksin, the corrupt Prime Minister.
He sold out the country's telecom system to Singapore and profited greatly, tax-free.

I love this sign

This is my favorite way of traveling in traffic-clogged Bangkok.
The ticket takers wear helmets because we pass under low bridges.

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