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Near Malaga, Spain

      So there I was, minding my own business, in a hotel bar near Malaga, Spain, watching the UEFA Champions League soccer final on TV, drinking a few orange juices. (I know--total badass.) Either that or my dinner was off, as that night I was in a vomit frenzy. I exacerbated it by repeatedly drinking water. I had it in my mind that I need to replenish my liquids, but realized later that that was what you do for diarrhea.       After my fifth vomit session, I went to a hospital/clinic. They were thrilled to hear I had American insurance and they performed a battery of tests and probably added their lunch to the bill. They discovered during an ultrasound that I also had gall stones and were disappointed I didn't want them taken out on the spot. I had that done in Hungary a little later.