These are the biggest sections of my website, places or things that made the deepest impression on me. Most people tend to gravitate to the toilets section--and why not? In Brazil and the Philippines it was tough for me to put down the camera, while China and Japan left me confused and excited at the same time. As I mentioned in the On The Road section, these links open up into a new window to my old website. I will integrate the two someday...someday...



Three full months--not enough

Toilet photo spectacular!
Not for the squeamish


Public circumcisions and big smiles

The Joys of Foreign Hospitals

Vietnam, Hungary, Denmark, Spain, etc.

Eating donkey, funny signs, wacky people

Hungarian Pig Killing Photos!

Hitchhiking, flophouses, Harajuku freaks

Penang, Malaysia
My Favorite Restaurant in the World

The Dromomaniac's Travel Crossword Puzzle