There is no place quite like Japan, nothing even close, in fact. I keep going back thinking I am going to gain a better understanding of the country and the people, but it's a futile quest. Need a couple of examples? This is an email from a Japanese friend:
      "A few days ago in Costa Rica, many bed bugs bite me. I didn't realize when they bite, but suddenly a rush came out in my arms and legs. I didn't know how many rush. I couldn't count it. Next day I spent on the beach, but I couldn't swim because I had got my period besides there were some sharks. So if they were so hungry, they would choose me more than anyone else. And they would say 'YUM YUM'. I dont wanna die yet, so I stayed on the beach and I was just scratching my legs."
      And, on the Best of Craigslist page I saw this ad. It is so perfect and bizarre it's almost beyond belief.     Almost.

Japan 2009
Pan de Pu-Pu, black sand onsen, the breast milk temple

Japan 2007
Samba festival, torched sushi, a police encounter

When in Osaka, stay at the Escargot--in the worst neighborhood in Japan.

The Yoyogi Park Scene
Introducing quite possibly the future Mrs. Kent Foster

Photos of People That Have Picked Me Up Hitchhiking
Dangerous Japanese People!

Shinjuku, Tokyo Light House
The last word in depressing, awful flophouses in the best part of Tokyo.

Northern Japan Hitchhiking Story--Pages from the Journal
"How old is your daughter?"

Traveling Nuts & Bolts
"..of the two barbers don't go to the guy with the perm. Trust me."

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