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      This billboard in Cebu City for me epitomizes the Philippines. A guy is endorsing this special soap and he is referred to in the bottom left corner as a "Singer/Medical Doctor". In what other country would that be the word order? It is as if Filipinos are saying, "Doctor? Pffft! Anyone can learn medicine, but natural singing ability, now thatīs something impressive!"

      Thatīs the way it is in the Philippines. Music is everywhere, and it is often American ballads from the 1980īs. On the island of Siquijor I donīt know how many times I walked home at night down the dimly lit path to my guest house where the only sound was someone singing on a karaoke machine. It was odd to juxtapose the humid tropical evening and coconut palms swaying over the road with hearing a faraway voice boisterously belt out long-forgotten love songs by Melissa Manchester or Chicago or the absolute kings of the Philippines, Air Supply.
     I spent about 6 weeks in the Philippines on Cebu, Negros, Bohol and the bulk of my time was on Siquijor.
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