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1-South Pacific country, capital Suva
5-Copenhagen's Airport suburb
12-"Pink Panther" composer
13-A Dixie State
18-Central Europe's largest body of water
20-Reject at immigration
21-USA racist group
22-Infamous prison: "___ Hilton"
24-Its world HQ are in NY (abbreviation)
25-Valley in Kenya
26-It separates Latvia & Sweden
27-Top quality
30-Mountain lion
31-Part of UK (abbr)
33-Figure out (British slang)
34-Tennis star ___ Ivanisevic
35-Way of carrying money abroad (abbr)
36-1966 Stevie Wonder song
39-Whitman specialties
40-Johnny Rotten band
41-Method of cooking
42-Where Stalin, Churchill and Ike met
43-Not crazy
45-Sport or concert venues
47-____ Cross, Sydney
49-____ Empire
50-Found in Luxor, Egypt
51-Abbey Road song "___ King"
53-Clinton is a famous one (abbr)
54-Used to have a border with USSR
57-Volleyball position
60-People from what was South-West Africa
62-Are they mirages?
64-Cain's brother
65-Cardinal ___
67-Distant part of Chile (abbr)
69-Go underwater
72-Chicago's South ____
73-Nova ____
75-Borders Albania
78-A doctrine; also former CIA head
79-Withdrew from 1984 Summer Olympics
80-Shot in NY, 1980

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2- ___ Nagy, 1956 Hungarian hero
3-India's "Pink City"
4-4th largest country by population
5-Scottish garment
6-Common female name in Spain
7-Remote state in India
8-Capital of Morocco
9-Capital of Mongolia: ___ Bator
11-Language in Spain
14-Archipelago nation near USA
15-___ Blanc
16-Applying oil in a religious ceremony
17-Newspaper item
19-Mythical dwarf
23-Spikes of 68 DOWN
25-Northern USA's depressed ___ Belt
26-Teak & opium center
28-Beer containers
29-Unsuccessful 1987 Hoffman & Beatty movie
30-Byron, Joyce et al
32-Capital of Haiti: Port-___-Prince
34-Syria wants it back from Israel
37-"___ Spring", 1968
38-Capital of Ontario
39-Country with the barrier to stop you from driving from Alaska to Argentina
40-"Bread" in Japanese & Spanish
42-North & South were united in 1990
43-SE Alaskan town
44-The most untidy
46-Fishing necessity
47-Japan wants these islands back from Russia
50-London metro
52-Catholic religious order
54-Annexed by China in 1951
55-A flag or a rank
56-Small CA border town to Tijuana: San ___
58-A sense
59-First name of a female country singer
61-___ Carta
63-Republic inside Italy (abbr)
66-Type of sign in a bar window
68-Congealed water
70-Large flightless bird
71-Commit a crime
72-Malaysian coin
74-Canadian province (abbr)
76-Common article used in 39 DOWN
77-Compass direction: 79 ACROSS to 14 DOWN

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