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Penang, Malaysia
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     I love Penang, and I take some of these photos to share with you how great it is, but sitting here at home, they just look so-so and certainly not compelling enough to make anyone run breathless to their travel agent, "Get me a one way ticket to Penang!" (And if you did this in America, you'd be labeled a terrorist when you tried to check in, but that is a diatribe for another time). In any case, here they are:
A nasi kandar restaurant, which is, if I am not mistaken, an Indian muslim style restaurant common in Penang where... ...your rice dish is given spoonfuls from many different curries for a powerfully delicous taste--
not a low calorie dish, I suspect.

Nasi Kandar Immigration, a street stall named for its previous location near the government immigration offices Trust me, this stuff is delicious.

The view from a teh ais limau and a nasi kandar from Restoran Kapitan In most countries you have to be careful to consume such street drinks, but in Malaysia you can drink the tap water. Isn't it great that you can run a drinks business on the back of a scooter?

A typical shop shade from the fierce tropical sun Fierce tropical sun as restaurant dish dryer

see the close-up of the banner below:

Hand over the cash and no one gets hurt!

I hitchhiked with these guys a couple of years ago A typical $4 room with fan

Itinerant dry goods vendor Itinerant bread vendor

"Ah beng" is local Chinese slang for an idiot Most triumphant after finally sending 10kg (22 lbs) of junk home--and I do mean junk

The greatest name for a parking lot
ever in the history of asphalt.
Pressed sugar cane juice, about 25 cents for a glass or 30 cents in a bag.

The old and the new--a very, very artistic photo,
sure to be short-listed for a Pulitzer in photography.
The smell isn't so bad for me

Doors on a Chinese temple Gospel garbage

At the police station in the KOMTAR Kompleks they have these gruesome posters to discourage vehicle accidents. I say they discourage lunch, so I avoid them.

A closer view A closer view

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