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      I had been to Burma before in 1996 (and already made a webpage about it here). I have a friend living in Rangoon at the moment so I thought I'd stop by for a visit. The background image is of the brightened sand at Ngwe Shaung in the Andaman Sea. Does it work for you? No? OK, I will change it someday.
Luxury with a capital "L" in a Rangoon suburb.
I was spoiled staying with Graydon and Joanne.
      Graydon, Joanne and me
      Graydon mocks himself by saying he is a stay-at-home compared to me, but the sad truth is that I am a fraud of a traveller compared to him. This illustrates the difference between us: I have stories of my trying out to be a contestant on Jeopardy; Graydon has a video of him winning on Jeopardy!
      I travel around while Graydon has cycled wide swaths of earth.
      He and my friend Greg are renaissance men, able to do everything more than ably. It was when I met these guys that a theory of mine developed: you will learn more if you make sure you are the dumbest one of all your friends. Does that make sense? It's a theory still in development.
      Graydon is looking very David Koresh-ish in this photo. I am joining his cult with no reservations. If you know what is good for you, you should, too. Drink the kool-aid!

Train station seller

Tattooed guy gathering tar.       Biryani restaurant

REAL herbal shampoo. I swear by this stuff--while I still have hair.       GARBAGE!

train       truck/bus

toilet on a boat       Sawing ice. It is preserved (as best as can be without refrigeration) with rice hulls

Sunset over the Moulmein bridge        

I swear this woman was cackling and smiling up until this moment       The devil has the fire in his eyes.       These hotel receptionists earn $1 a day.

Taken and expanded from the photo on the right.       I spent the extra 50 cents to sit up front with the driver.
Some decisions in life are no-brainers.

      I like to collect small denomination banknotes. I mailed all of this home from Malaysia, all the time fretting that customs would open it and it would never arrive. I sent two identical boxes at the same time, one full of this money and another with more junky junk, and luckily customs only opened the junky box. Yes! I am now reunited with this smelly money. All of the money in the photo is worth about US$20.

These 3 girls worked at the beach resort in Ngwe Shaung


Concise newspaper headline

Burma is a propagandist's dream

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