Hi, I'm glad you found me, welcome, but this is my old website. I think it's still pretty bitchin' despite its ancient appearance, and someday I will integrate it into my new website, but come on by TheDromomaniac.com. You won't be disappointed, I promise.

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Photo of the Month: Moulmein, Burma


Europe 2009

Istanbul, Serbia, Hungary, Paris, etc.


Three full months--not enough

Asia 2009

Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia


Public circumcisions and big smiles

Around the World 2008-2009

Asia/Egypt/Europe/South America

Toilet photo spectacular!
Not for the squeamish

2007: All Over the Place

Japan, South Africa and Europe

The Joys of Foreign Hospitals

Vietnam, Hungary, Denmark, Spain, etc.

Around the World 2006-2007

Central America and Asia

Hungarian Pig Killing Photos!

Around the World 2006


Eating donkey, funny signs, wacky people

Halfway Around the World 2005

Eastern Europe and the Caucasus

Hitchhiking, flophouses, Harajuku freaks

South America!
How to visit the women's prison in Quito

Penang, Malaysia
My Favorite Restaurant in the World

The Middle East!

My two worst travel disasters ever


Life During Wartime--The Balkans, 1994

Serbia, Macedonia, Albania

Reward for finding these people!

Burma: Pages from the Journal
Aung San Suu Kyi in person

Travel Reports from Asia

Southern India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Japan, Bangalore

Big BIG Baseball Journey

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